Monday, April 5, 2010

Meeting 2- Take One, Our First Day of Filming

First day out was okay. We took a long time creating posters that,
in retrospect,we probably could have done beforehand...

but all in all, a good first run through.

We walked through 3 of the 6 topics in our video concept and wrapped up all
3 of those scenes. Videos to come on this progress soon (hopefully).

We definitely need to go over exactly what is needed for each shot prior to shooting to avoid confusion or sloppy footage.

Another issue we had was students coming in and out of our shots unknowingly, which meant having to redo a perfectly good take.

Members present & their role:

Megs: Main character
Nikki: Side character
Jim: Lights etc. behind scenes
Ben: Camera Work
Okomo: Not present

Concept Changes?
We kept the main ideas the same, with minor detail changes that are hopefully better and more simple. The hardest part is probably taking our ideas and trying to work them out on film in a clear, sophisticated (sexy) way without losing the aspects that keep the video interesting.

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  1. Excellent insights here, Nikki (and team).

    Agreed re: the need for pre-production storyboarding/planning...

    Looking forward to reading more here soon,

    Dr. W