Saturday, April 17, 2010


We are finished!! check out our video here or on the youtube website and learn how we at Champlain College live as sustainable ninjas.


1. What was the most difficult moment in making this video?

Harnessing all of our energies and ideas into one constructive capacity. We had so many thoughts and concepts jungled around that it was hard to focus and not get too sidetracked.

2. Other than finishing it, what was the most rewarding moment in making this video?

Definitely the best part of this video was seeing all of our ideas and filming come together and start flowing. It was hard getting every detail of the video hammered out, but once we started to see that it would actually turn out good we were all really happy.

3. Discuss 3 specific lessons you learned about film production and/or "group process" in making this video.

I learned that you need to learn how to improvise because not everything is going to work out on the first shot. Also that you need a back up plan, you can't always rely on your team members. Finally, you must at least listen to other suggestions and give everyone a shot. You don't know who knows who and that could come back and bite you.

4. Discuss 3 specific things you learned about Champlain College and/or the "Sustain Champlain" project that you did not know before completing this project.

I did not know that “Sustain Champlain” was started so recently and that it has had as much influence over the campus as making sure that there are recycling bins all over campus and that there are also low flow shower heads.

I also was not aware that we used to have trays that but they got rid of them to cut down on wasted food which helps on the sustainable front.

Among the many things that I did learn the last one that I will touch on is the mug incentive program where if you go to Jazzman’s and order some kind of drink and bring your own mug they will fill it and give you a discount.

Answers: Megs and Nikki

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