Monday, March 29, 2010

Meeting 1- Concept Complete!

Videos being addressed are:

Baby, You Can Drive My Car: Car Share VT at Champlain College


Lighting the Way Towards Sustainability

Washing our way to Sustainability

Going Green: A Lesson in Sustainability

Champlain Tackles Recycling

The storyboard for our video, "A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Ninja" is as follows:

~Use Car Share vehicle, drive to Jazzman's cafe
~Get traveler mug discount for helping the company stay sustainable
~Go to dorm to throw laundry in before a big night on the town, motion sensor lights come on/off
~Throw clothes in high efficiency-low energy washer, accidentally spilled detergent on hands
~Go to bathroom to wash hands, leave water running, low-flow shower system, shut water off during conversation, drying hands, brushing teeth, etc to save on water consumption
~Recycle coffee person who didn't know about traveler mug discount, inverse to black & white and END! WOOHOO

NTG (note to group): black & white freeze could also possibly be used for each time we use a sustainable video/idea

Members in attendance:
Nikki Tetreault- Concepts, Blog
Megs Bell- Concepts, Camera
Jim Courtney- Concepts, Editing
Ben Eisenhard- Camera, Editing